Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Why in the face of overwhelming evidence do people continue to believe the opposite?  Take, for instance, evolution.  It is distressing that 33 percent still don't accept it, but it is also a reminder to communications practitioners.  Change is hard and slow and sometimes, miserable.  A public is not an entity but an abstract definition imposed on individuals with different belief sets.  In an age of social media, atomization is coming to the fore but breaking old habits is difficult even for one-to-one practitioners.  The problem is that even with individualized media, there is still no good way to fashion messages to the peculiarities of each person.  Of necessity, we abstract even in micro-segments.  We have to realize that for some groups, there is little change in certain beliefs, and we have to accept that as a condition for effective communications.  Still, it is disappointing.


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