Thursday, January 16, 2014

Changed Environment 

What does a company do when its environment changes so radically that it can no longer compete?  This is the quandary facing gambling casinos in Atlantic City, NJ.  Even online gambling is not enough to stabilize their revenues and profits.  And, anyone who has gone to Atlantic City will tell you that it is not the best destination along the Jersey Shore.  It was so different when the casinos were about the only legitimate gambling spot near the Tri-state area.  People would drive down for a weekend, spend their money then go home.  Now, with pervasive gambling, there is no need to do that.  The casinos' relationship to the public has changed -- perhaps forever.  Not all of them will survive and perhaps, none of them.  The exclusivity on which they depended is gone.  Were I a casino marketer or PR practitioner for Atlantic City, I would think of changing careers.


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