Monday, January 13, 2014

Mountain Cliff 

Baseball star Alex Rodriguez has a mountain-size cliff to climb to regain his reputation.  As the latest perpetrator of a doping scandal and the recipient of outsized punishment, he is under scrutiny like never before.  He might be too old by time he returns to the field and his place in the Hall of Fame is jeopardized.  It is little wonder that he is fighting accusations against him and has obstructed investigations into his behavior.  He maintains his innocence in the face of evidence to the contrary.  It might be that he truly believes he has done nothing wrong.  There is a chance that none of the allegations are true, but thus far, he has been unable to produce facts that his version of events is the correct.  Major League Baseball feels it has no choice but to make an example of him in order to protect the integrity of the game.  That is probably why MLB elected to go on to "60 Minutes" last night to present its case.  Rodriguez did not.  He sent his lawyer to speak for him.  That alone did not help his PR or his reputation.


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