Friday, January 17, 2014

Perils of PR 

What if your PR agency was hired to promote the stability of a country?  You send a film crew there to get shots of order and progress only to have the crew arrested within hours of starting work.   That is exactly what happened to a PR agency hired to promote Egypt.  It is a lesson to those who would work in countries where democracy, law and order are not well established.  Any job that one would do under these circumstances comes close to propaganda because conditions are hardly what a resulting film would claim them to be.  A truthful look at a country like Egypt would observe the turmoil of a too powerful military, changing regimes, rioting sects, huge demonstrations and political drift.  It is a land still trying to find its way after long repression and division among Christians and Muslims.  Initiating a PR program celebrating stability is too early and untruthful.  The world knows better as well as Egypt's citizens.  One wonders what the film crew did once it was freed.  It would have been mockery to continue.


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