Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Political PR 

One way to get into trouble as a politician is to ignore the media -- like this governor is doing.  Rightly or wrongly, reporters consider themselves proxies for citizens and ready to ask questions that the populace would if they had access to the top.  More than that, statehouse reporters delve into issues that the public doesn't yet know about and alerts them.  For a governor to ignore the media or stiff-arm them with canned message points is guaranteed to annoy them and for them to look harder at the governor's administration.  Some politicians are uncomfortable with the media, but they steel themselves to talk to them.  Others play reporters with a mastery of a musician.  Only a few shun them and not for long.  The repercussions are too great.  Florida's governor has apparently mastered the craft of not answering questions.  That won't serve him well in getting his agenda into law.


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