Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The King Has No Clothes 

If you believe this study, most Super Bowl ads don't work in terms of selling more goods and services.  Why?  Because creatives push entertainment value more than brand.  They are emphasizing engagement to stand out amid the welter of pitches run on the Super Bowl telecast.  In other words, on Monday morning, someone will say, "I saw a great ad last night.  I don't know who it was for but here is what happened."  If I were a CEO of a company spending $5 million for 30 seconds of airtime, this would not sit well.  Not at all.  I might even drop out of advertising during the Super Bowl and tell the head of marketing to use the budget elsewhere.  The justification for advertising during the Super Bowl is that it is the largest mass audience left on TV.  One can reach more people in a few seconds than dozens of ads run on network and cable shows.  However, what good is that if no one remembers your brand?  What is irksome is that the amounts spent for a minutes would fund a major PR campaign and gain as much or more awareness than the ad.  How long will it be before CEOs and marketers realize that the king has no clothes?


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