Friday, January 24, 2014

When Is A Crisis Not A Crisis? 

When nearly everyone agrees that it isn't whether or not it is.  What do I mean by this?  Take, for example, the rolling disaster of the new F-35 fighter that is supposed to serve three arms of the military -- the Air Force, the Navy and the Marine Corp.  The fighter is faulty, over budget, behind time and protected by Pentagon interests who declare it a success.  It is also guarded by Congressmen in whose districts it is being built.  Crisis?  What crisis?  If any other corporation other than a Defense company were so scandalously behind in development of a new product, customers and shareholders would demand a new CEO.  The military-industrial complex is different.  It has always been this way and generals are used to the drill in the media and halls of Congress that protects a new military machine from being put on the shelf.  Just remember.  It's only a crisis if we say it is.  An odd bit of PR.


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