Monday, January 27, 2014

Why Bother? 

There are some customs in Washington DC that are empty PR exercises and one wonders why anyone bothers to continue them.  Consider, for instance, the State of the Union address. The union is always strong.  There are a bunch of programs that the President wants Congress to pass and few ever are. There is some philosophy. There are people to highlight sitting with the First Lady. There is applause from the supporting party and silence from the other. Dignitaries are arranged carefully around the podium and clap politely.  As theater goes, it isn't compelling and as for practical politics, it is useless.  Yet, every year we get a State of the Union.  One wonders when a president is going to summon the courage to change, perhaps go back to the 19th Century when a report was sent to Congress as a written document.  It seems the sole reason for the speech now is a time for the President to preen on national TV.  One wonders how many people bother to watch it anymore or switch to reruns of Law and Order.


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