Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wrecking PR 

Here is a way to destroy the name of your company.  How the fate of a man's daughter ended up on an envelope is hard to understand or to believe.  One wants to posit that it is a fake.  But what if it isn't?  The company that sent the junk mail has explaining to do.  Almost certainly, OfficeMax bought a list and used it.  It vetted the list using computer filters to get rid of junk, but it missed this curious line in an address block.  The company can say, "Not our fault" but that doesn't help it with the affected family, and as happens in the internet age, the error is exposed to the world.  But what if the address line has been falsified?  That doesn't free OfficeMax from exposing a lie to guard its reputation.  Companies cannot be too careful now to prevent wrecking their positive image.  Everyone now has the power to strike publicly and loudly against any organization and to gain a hearing.


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