Thursday, February 20, 2014


One wonders how a PR firm can get away with this -- telling journalists that they have to write about a client.   One should question the independence and integrity of any reporter who would agree to the terms.  Entertainment media are different in that they kowtow to celebrities more than other journalists might in order to get stories.  However, the arrogance of the PR firm to demand that an event sponsor get front-and-center billing is beyond the pale.  One hopes the reporters rebelled.  PR is rarely in a position to demand anything.  It persuades and that is its source of credibility.  PR respects and expects the media to come to their own conclusions based on the story and facts presented.  Yes, there is a good deal of salesmanship involved in trying to make dull subjects interesting and to guide stories benignly, but to demand that a story be written in a certain way is rare because reporters won't tolerate it.  It would be interesting to know how many journalists complied.  


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