Friday, February 07, 2014


The winter games in Sochi are supposed to highlight modern Russia, Putin's leadership and the area around the Black Sea where warmth and snow blend.  But, there is mounting evidence that it might be a PR debacle.  It comes from trying to do too much too quickly at what appears to be an outrageous overrun in costs.  In other words, Russia has leapt into the same trap in which Greece and other venues have been snared -- spending too much on Olympic games.  There is ample evidence that the games -- whether summer or winter -- are not economic for the cities that hold them.  They are undertaken with a misplaced sense of pride, and it is only after when moldering sports palaces sit unused in weed-grown lots that citizenry awaken to the debt and reality.  One wonders why cities push for them.  It is one more example of irrationality at work, something that doesn't fit into an equation, but which PR practitioners know well.


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