Monday, February 10, 2014

Faux Pas 

When a CEO comes out and blames employees for the rising cost of health insurance, that's enough of a mistake.  When that CEO blames the cost on two premature babies, that's a whopper.  But AOL CEO Tim Armstrong did just that.  He has apologized to one of the enraged mothers who went public with her complaint.  Maybe next time he will think twice about what he says to the world.  It is poor PR to blame employees publicly in most cases.  As the CEO, one is supposed to lead employees to get work done and to turn them over if they are not suited for the job.  There is something querulous about a CEO who bashes the work force in the open.  There are exceptions.  In some companies, employees have seized power from management, and management has to fight to get it back, but the $2 million cost for medical care for premature babies doesn't fit into that category.  Chalk up this one to a learning experience for a CEO.  


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