Monday, February 03, 2014

It's A Game 

It didn't take long last night before I abandoned the TV and went to my room and read.  For all the hype, the Super Bowl is a game, and it wasn't a good one.  From the first snap until I walked out shortly after the end of the first quarter, it was clear that the Broncos were over-matched and being humiliated.  The final score, which I just read, was a rout.  The hype might have been worth the wait had the contest been more evenly matched.  There is too much emphasis on the Super Bowl and the NFL is facing a hard road if the games can't be more even in quality.  The announcers had made the point before the game started that great defensive teams have historically had the advantage of great offensive teams, and that is what happened here.  Maybe with less hype and more football I'll start watching the entire game again, but don't bet on either happening.


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