Friday, February 28, 2014

When The Dam Breaks 

One principle PR holds is never to get too high and mighty because there will come a time when things change.  Then, arrogance is rewarded with revenge from those who have suffered under the overbearing presence of the haughty.  Take this person.  He dominated politics in New Jersey for several years with his bullying, take-no-prisoners style.  Then, he slipped with a scandal now called "Bridgegate" when his people shut two lanes to the George Washington Bridge to punish a mayor of a town.  Since then, the governor has been on a down-slope, doing damage control, trying to hold back flood waters of bile roaring his way.  Had he been more accommodating in the first place, there is less likelihood the political position he is in today would be as severe.  Of course, this isn't always true.  The President started by trying to get along with Republicans, and it got him nowhere.  Still, had New Jersey's governor been more persuasive than blunt, citizens would have been more supportive.   Now voters wish he would go away, but there are four more years.


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