Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Customer Migration 

One tough task for a software company is to migrate customers to newer software, especially if they are happy with what they have.  This is the problem that Microsoft has with its 13-year-old Windows XP operating system.  It is ending support for the software and wants everyone to move to Windows 8.  The way it is going about it has sparked criticism.  It has asked its customers to help persuade those still using XP to change over.  Its customers not only don't want to do that, they are unhappy Microsoft asked.  This has created a PR and customer relations problem for the company.  Is there a better way?  It is hard to say.  Probably the company would have been better off to end support and let customers move gradually as they change machines, but that takes time, and Microsoft is impatient to get on with the shift.  However, the company has lost its dominance in operating systems and can no longer tell customers what to do.  It must be a humbling experience.


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