Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Myth Busting 

Google is trying to change several  mistaken beliefs about its Glass product.  Hence, a list of 10 myths about the eyewear.  It is not unusual that a radically new invention spawns odd thinking.  The challenge for the inventor is to clarify what a new product can and cannot do.  Glass gives people the willies about invasion of privacy.  Google is careful to point out that nothing in the technology can record or perform face recognition.  People think Glass is a toy of techno-geeks.  Google notes that a broad band of consumers are using it.  Some think Glass is a surveillance device.  Google says there are better technologies for that.  Google needs to lower barriers that imperil Glass' commercial viability. If it can't do that, Glass is doomed in Beta.  It would not be the first or last time that has happened. Many inventors over the years saw their bright ideas smashed by consumer opposition.  Buckminster Fuller is a classic case.  Perhaps Google just needs to give the public time to adapt while it works on improving the device.   However, it can't take that chance

The issue for Google Glass is its beta needs to be tested out in the real world, by real people. Right now those users who have Google Glass, and are beta testing with it are hand selected by Google which has caused a large amount of envy and jealousy. The best thing google can do is to get rid of the elitist resentment sentiments people hold to those Google glass users by making the product open beta, instead of invitation only.

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