Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spin Sucks 

I don't usually review unsolicited books in the mail, but this one is worth comment.   In spite of its unfortunate title, Spin Sucks, the 146-page volume is filled with useful information for the digital communicator.  Every practitioner should have a copy of it on the desk until its lessons are memorized.  The author, Gini Dietrich, runs her own integrated marketing agency in Chicago and is a speaker and lecturer.  The book in 10 chapters has many examples of what to do and more importantly what not to do to tell a company's story, generate content and handle the dark side of the internet.  Most books are rehashes of the same ideas.  This one is different.  Chances are you will find yourself taking notes from page to page and wondering why you didn't know that fact or idea.  Dietrich is on the leading edge of where communications is going and where practitioners must be soon enough if they are to have careers while the older generation of media relations specialists shuffle off the scene.  If there is one lesson she makes again and again, communications without spin is a marathon.  It takes time, dedication and hard work.  Those looking for a quick fix won't find the book useful.  The rest of us will.

Hey Jim! It's totally my fault the book came unsolicited. I have been slowly making my way through the list of people I asked the publisher to send to with personal emails and I haven't hit the H's yet. So THANK YOU for reviewing the unsolicited book.

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