Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Social Media 

W Hotels has found a way to set itself apart with a social media wedding concierge service.  For $3,000 the hotel will live tweet the ceremony and reception, blog the wedding, post pictures, curate social media and provide a book at the end with all included.  Call it a publicity stunt, but it works, and it is tune with the times.  Look for more instances of this kind of service as the social media environment integrates with everyday life.  "We'll blog and tweet your event.  Leave the work to us."  What this means, however, is that these services will need communicators on call who know how to write and photograph.  Could it be that freelance PR practitioners will find a new outlet for their work?

While outsourced social media is nothing new for events, seeing it at a wedding is rather unique and interesting. It will be even more interesting to see if this takes off and maybe spreads. I could see the same service being offered for concerts, tournaments, charity events and more! As social media grows, so to will it integrate itself into our lives I guess.
While I think it's a great idea, won't all the people who care about the wedding be at the wedding? So why would they care to have it tweeted about live?

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