Friday, April 18, 2014


Scientists have discovered a planet similar to earth and in the right  zone for habitation.  It is 500 light years away.  Or, to put it in context, if earth had sent a message to the planet during the time of Henry VIII of England, it would just be arriving.  For all practical purposes, man is alone in the universe, and earth is the only sustenance.  This, more than any other reason, should be the driving force for maintaining the environment and creating harmony among nations.  The argument that there is nowhere else to go is powerful persuasion.  Yes, it is interesting to get lost in science fiction, but the facts of our existence intrude the more we know about space and its vast emptiness.  One can't fight physics and win.  It might seem irrelevant  to invoke the isolation of humanity as a reason for peace, but the sooner that nations realize there is no place else to go, the faster they will overlook their grudges.  Scientists have discussed colonizing the moon and Mars but there is little chance that self-sustaining populations can arise in either of the dead environments.  We are alone.  Understand what that means.  


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