Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Could It Be? 

Could it  be that Americans are falling out of love for hamburgers and fries?That McDonald's and Burger King are fighting for a diminishing share?  Stranger things have happened.  If America's taste buds are changing after decades of a holding pattern, what are the two fast-food companies to do?  They will try to follow trends, as they did with the introduction of low calorie and low fat salads.  That means, however, that they have a PR challenge facing them to convince consumers that they are still destinations of choice rather than competing chains' radically different sandwich menus.  If the shift is minor, they should succeed.  If Americans swear off traditional fast foods, they could be facing a fight for their existence.  It will depend on how the chains adapt their embedded infrastructure in restaurants at the same time they are convincing consumers still to drop in.  It could be a long haul for both companies, especially since the growth of the national movement to fight obesity.  Other restaurant chains have disappeared over the years.  There is no guarantee.


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