Friday, April 04, 2014


It is not often that a network makes a dumb mistake, but here is one -- adding engine noises to an electric car.  I saw this piece when it aired and wondered why a Tesla made motor sounds.  It didn't strike me that the editor had dubbed them in but many others caught the error.  CBS and 60 Minutes both looked dumb.  One wonders what Tesla's engineers thought as well as the person featured in the TV news magazine -- Elon Musk.  Musk has spent hundreds of millions to bring an all-electric car to market and in a laudatory piece where the car is featured, the editor got it wrong.  This is a reminder that even the most professional of journalists can make stupid mistakes.  PR practitioners cannot afford to assume that reporters and editors understand even simple issues.  It is always better to check even when one isn't in doubt about the media's understanding.


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