Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Perception Vs. Reality 

This is an interesting story of perception versus reality.  It seems professional violinists can't tell the difference between a Stradivarius violin and a well-made modern one.  Yet, the Strads cost millions more than a modern violin and artists compete to get them.  One would think that the price of a Strad would plummet as a result, but it hasn't.  Perception can overpower reality even with the most sophisticated of people.  PR practitioners and marketers know well the power of perception.  That is how we got the title of spinmeisters.  But it is also a warning.  Those who would play with the power of perception can be shown up by facts and lose in the end.  The cost of a Strad is far above what most violinists can afford to pay -- in the tens of millions of dollars.  That alone forces musicians to look for less expensive alternatives.  Reality has a way of overpowering perception eventually.  

It's a classic case of Brand beliefs. Nike creates the same shoe as others, but people are buying it because of the emotional selling point attached to it.

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