Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Brick Thrower 

This is an example of a brick thrower, a person trying to influence events by making things up, fomenting trouble and twisting facts.   There are brick throwers on both ends of the political spectrum and they have existed since the beginning of the country.  They are lamentable and anti-PR, which concentrates on fostering relationships.  That  so many brick throwers have filtered from Washington DC into the corporate world is sad.  It indicates that company executives still don't understand the communications function.  Noise isn't PR and never has been.  That is publicity, but even in publicity, brick throwers are a special class and not much appreciated.  One could wish these people would disappear but that will never happen.  Partisanship births new brick throwers every day.  They last a while, perhaps make a few headlines then disappear as others take their places.  Mostly they talk to those of their own persuasion.  The rest of us know better.


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