Thursday, May 01, 2014

New Isolationism 

Americans want their military forces to stay home.  The globe may be small today with international flights and worldwide manufacturing, but that doesn't matter.  The public is tired of engaging terrorists and Taliban.  Well they should be.  It has been more than a decade that the US has been fighting against terrorism.  Unfortunately, the world is marginally safer now than it was.  This means that the current and next president have a PR job to do to convince the public that the US must stayed engaged with other nations whether we like it or not.  It might not be easy, especially with the pull-back of forces from the Middle East.  One might question who appointed America to be the police force for the world.  The country took on that role post World War II in the face of communism.  Now the exchequer is exhausted, the debts piling and the cost of armaments skyrocketing.  It's time for others to take over, but that doesn't mean the US should seal itself off.  It is a member of coalitions and not the driver.  Maybe America's citizens will accept that.


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