Friday, May 30, 2014

Not PR 

Misinformation like this is not PR.  There is no body of scientific fact that links autism with milk.  Other than protecting free speech, there is no excuse for publishing what clearly is not true.  PR is based first and foremost on facts and persuasive presentation of them.  Accuracy is the first rule because the media expect PR practitioners to shade the truth.  By not doing so, we earn credibility and a hearing time and again.  The in-your-face statement of something that has no basis in fact is propaganda.  The theory here is that if one says something loud enough and long enough, he will gain followers.  That worked for some of history's worst dictators, but the falseness of their position caught up with them.  PR is focused on building relationships through an honest presentation of organizations and individuals.  One wonders if PETA understands that.


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