Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Poor PR 

One might not expect a Third World country to be adept in communications, but this is poor PR.  The military should not have been speaking without the approval of the President.  Announcing that it has found the girls also is unwise because the rebels will now move them again.  One can understand a need to tell the people that the government is working to rescue their children, but not at the peril of the ones being rescued.  Instead, the military should be working behind closed doors to figure out ways to reach the girls and the probabilities of getting them alive.  Nigeria is a focus of international attention over the abduction.  Every day that goes by without a solution increases the burden and tension on government officials.  Letting it be known that the country is helpless to get the young women out of bondage is a testimony to the weakness of the central authority.  No good can come from this.


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