Friday, June 13, 2014

Divided We Stand 

Everyone wants Congress to forge a consensus and move forward, but it remains divided.  As this poll shows, the country is as split as Washington DC.  Division in Congress is a reflection of diverging views of citizens.  This presages a long-term split.  It also raises the question of the kind of communicator needed to find a common ground.  Where is a Democrat or Republican who can successfully find a middle that doesn't lose both ends of the spectrum?  This leadership is rare and often, is a product of the times.  We might not be in an era when there is pressure on Congress to do something.  There are too many voices, too many interests, too many conflicting issues.  How does one navigate through the cacophony without alienating large segments of voters?  It seems Obama hasn't succeeded, but then could anyone?  Perhaps there is a leader in the ranks who can assume the mantle of the presidency and move the country in a direction it needs.  We're about to find out, but the greater likelihood is bitter campaigning, name calling and trash talking -- in other words, anti-PR and a hell of spin.


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