Monday, June 09, 2014

Tough Assignment 

If you are a Republican, how do you recruit racial and ethnic minorities?  It's a tough assignment measured in ones and twos and not groups of voters switching party allegiance.  It requires the recruiter to ask fellow minorities to forget the Party's traditional aversion to blacks and immigrants.  What is the argument that Republicans can make and what PR steps should they be taking to show that they are ready to accommodate everyone under a big tent?  For one, the House can pass an immigration bill to signal that it is serious this time about minority votes.  The chances of that, however, grow slimmer by the week in which there is no action.  So, what can a recruiter say other than we need your vote to change the Party's attitudes?  Join now and be part of the transformation.  That isn't much of an inducement.  Democrats, on the other hand, could get themselves into trouble if they assume they have the minority vote, and they don't work hard to keep it.  While a member of a minority group might not become a Republican, he could become an independent lost to both parties.  


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