Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Great PR 

The best PR is a melding of self-interest with the interests of the public.  Under that definition, what Google is doing to fix the internet is PR at its finest.   With the name, Project Zero, the company is hiring the best programmers it can find to roam the internet and close off vulnerabilities wherever it finds them,  whether or not the software is Google's.  This is the kind of big project that only the largest of companies can afford to undertake.  One might have expected Microsoft to handle the project since it has worked hard to identify and isolate hackers, but Google acted first.  The internet, in spite of Google's efforts, will never be perfect.  There are too many holes that brilliant programmers can exploit.  However, it can make it more difficult for rogue hackers and that alone will be a benefit to the world.  Some fear Google because it is a large and pervasive company, but if it keeps acting like this, there is little to worry.


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