Tuesday, July 01, 2014


This is an interesting article.  The e-mail newsletter is not dead.  In fact, it is thriving as a medium.  There are constraints, however, that every PR practitioner knows.  It is not the newsletter format itself but the content that counts and keeps readers coming back.  Marketers have a bad habit of taking a medium like the newsletter and destroying it with sales-driven material.  Instead of informing the reader, the marketer is hammering on him to buy, buy, buy.  Effective newsletters bring needed information to targeted audiences.  As the author of the article notes, readers don't have time to digest the effluvia of the internet.  They want someone to do it for them, and that is the traditional role of an editor.  They vest their trust in a proxy who knows their concerns and strives to address them.  So, the newsletter is dead.  Long live the newsletter as long as users employ common sense in how to use it.


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