Thursday, July 24, 2014

Not PR... 

And not good publicity either...  Say, you have a client, a mayor of a city, and you fake a press release for the client.  A reporter picks it up and calls the client who knows nothing about it.  That is what happened here.  It comes under the category of "What was the PR person thinking?"  There is a rule in the agency business.  Clients approve all releases that go out on their behalf.  There is never a time when that rule is violated, especially for flackery.   I don't know what has happened to the publicist who sent then tried to justify the release.  In agencies I have worked in, it would be a firing offense, one that would also have the client leaving for another firm.  The Raleigh mayor might not be so upset, but he should be.  If you can't trust your agency to do the right thing, who can you trust?


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