Friday, July 25, 2014


One wonders why anyone would feel it necessary to copy another's work verbatim and claim it as his own.  But that is what this fellow did, and it could cost him his Senate race.  He is claiming Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as the reason for doing it.  That seems to be a stretch. Other classmates at the US Army War College had been in battle as he was.  Granted that he has a history of depression and is still taking medication for it, but how does that contribute to copying without attribution?  Senator Walsh has created a PR problem for his campaign and reputation.  It will be interesting to see how he handles it.  It would be best if he comes clean, confesses to plagiarism and takes the consequences early on.  The more he tries to quash questions, the worse it will get for him, especially since the War College is investigating his 14-page paper and thesis.  He should be convicted of laziness.  It takes little time to footnote and only a little more time to write in one's own words.  What he has done, unfortunately, is open a question about his character that will be hard to dismiss.  


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