Friday, July 18, 2014


The death of 298 passengers and crew from a missile is a tragedy not only for the families affected but also for the company -- Malaysia Airlines.  The company must feel it is snakebit to have two major accidents just a few months apart and both mysterious.  We may never know what happened to the first plane but one theory is that it was flying on auto-pilot until it ran out of fuel.  If it was on auto-pilot, something dreadful happened to the pilot and co-pilot.  As for the present situation, it is unlikely anyone is going to "fess up" to having fired a missile.  Rather each side will blame the other, and only a careful examination of the wreckage might lead to a conclusion.  Meanwhile, Malaysia Airlines must calm the nerves of potential passengers who might be leery of flying in its aircraft.  An airline can go years without an accident then suddenly, something happens.  It is a blow to the reputation of the company and there is nothing one can do but carry on and make adjustments, such as no longer flying over Ukraine.  There are times when business is crappy, and this is one.


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