Tuesday, August 12, 2014


An insurance company showed its displeasure over making a $20,000 settlement by sending an individual 11 buckets filled with coins.  How dumb is that?  It became an instant news story and a ding to the company's reputation.  How many people will want to insure with an organization that has such snits?  It might have felt good to send pails filled with change, but that feeling will pass quickly enough as existing customers ask why the company did it.  It smacks of immaturity.  It is poor client service.  It is the kind of protest that individuals make over paying taxes.  Taking revenge on a customer, even if the customer has been obnoxious is stupid.  The best approach is to refuse service to the individual quietly,  Cancel his policies and suggest another insurance company that might cover him -- i.e., be nice even when dropping someone.  That is so obvious and yet, employees forget.  Good client service requires constant monitoring and management.  Even then, it takes only one employee who is unhappy to wreck relationships with customers and a company's reputation.


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