Friday, August 01, 2014

Satirical But True 

This is funny satire on the online way of gathering and reporting information.  It's all in clicks and clicks determine both copy and especially, the headline.  News is watered down to titillation.  Important information is banished.  If a reader fails to open a story, all is lost. The trend hearkens back to the era of Yellow Journalism when circulation was everything and facts beside the point.  This trend will pass in time as readers demand more information to help them understand the world and make decisions.  It won't go away completely but it will moderate.  Serious news consumers will gravitate to media that serve them best.  Lowest common denominator readers will seek excitement.  From a PR perspective, both kinds of media are important to getting information out.  PR practitioners need to learn multiple styles of writing to appeal to click-bait readers and to serious consumers.  PR can't afford to cut off one or the other if it is to get information widely disseminated.  


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