Monday, August 04, 2014

The Right Way 

This fellow has been mocked enough for his blatant appeal to reporters to follow him and his boss on social media.  The question is how should he have approached the media, if at all.  For one, the idea of a "bribe' should never be considered.  No wonder he was held up as an oaf.  Rather, one should remain as factual as possible.  "My boss is tweeting.  Here are some things he has covered and more he will address in the future."  If the information is of use to the media, they will follow the tweets.  If not, they won't.  One learns quickly who the journalists are following the company.  The jocular manner in which he wrote the pitch also is a no-no, especially the winking emoticon.  I don't know what this fellow's boss is saying to him now, but it can't be good.  

Hat Tip to Michael Cargill for finding this.  


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