Thursday, August 28, 2014

Too Fast 

Sometimes, a company can run too fast in its effort to stay ahead of the market.  Here is a case.  Had Zara spent an extra moment considering the design of the shirt with its large yellow star, it might have realized that it was too near the concentration camp clothing that millions of Jews wore during World War II.  So too, with a bag that had swastikas worked into its design.  The two incidents do not prove that the company is anti-Semitic but there is a case for carelessness.  What is needed in the high-speed fashion merchandiser is a steady presence that evaluates designs against world events and sensitivities.  It seems that in its mad rush to be first, it has overlooked customers' concerns.  Rescinding and taking back clothing is not enough to allay suspicions about its intent.  Maybe, just maybe, if the company was a fraction slower, it could evaluate designs from a PR point of view.  


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