Monday, August 18, 2014

Yesterday's News 

One might have to think twice to remember who Julian Assange is and the role of Wikileaks in spilling government secrets.  But, that was only two years ago.  Since then, Edward Snowden has seized the headlines with his disclosure about NSA operations.  But, here again is Assange who might be reporting that he will leave the Ecuadorian embassy, but then again, he might not.  There is a good chance he will disappear from the headlines again and return to his room, forgotten.  The lesson here is that in the internet age, notoriety, both good and bad, comes and goes quickly.  Andy Warhol was more right than he knew when he said everyone will get 15 minutes of fame.  It requires unceasing work to maintain one's image in the media, whether social or traditional.  This is something publicists have always known, but have a hard time convincing clients about.  If recognition is what they want, they have to spend time each day in generating it.  To senior executives, publicity is often a "waste of time."  Then, they wonder why their messages aren't getting through to the world and more importantly, to employees. The frustration of the publicist is the constant repetition of the need to be out there.  When a publicist does get a hearing and more important, action, there is a good chance one can score media success regularly.


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