Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Beyond PR 

News that airline passengers are fighting over seat room should not surprise anyone.  Airlines have pushed economics to the limit and so doing, have inconvenienced passengers beyond tolerance. Airlines make no apologies for their actions.  In order for them to make money, they have to fly full planes and the more they can pack in, the better financially it is for them.  At some point, however, regulators and Congress will step in.  Until then, airlines will continue to shrink seating space and cram in yet another row in the steerage part of the cabin.  One would think that if airlines considered public relations, they would set a generous limit on seat distance.  So far, only one or two carriers have moved that way.  The rest are redesigning seats to make them smaller and lighter so they can pack 'em in.  When is the public going to revolt?  Isolated instances of passenger melees might not be enough to make management think twice.  Any way one looks at the outcome, it is bad public relations.


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