Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Case Study: Silence 

Amazon.com is choosing to remain silent in its dispute with publisher Hachette.  Its reputation is taking a beating from authors and publishers who are speaking out.  Amazon is becoming a case study for CEOs and PR practitioners in the dangers of failing to make one's case public.  The company has a history of avoiding the media so its current stance is not new, but previously its decision to remain close-mouthed was not as dangerous as it is now.  What is known about its dispute with Hachette puts Amazon in a pro-consumer light, but one wonders why the company isn't merchandising its point of view.  Instead, it is letting authors complain publicly about its stubbornness and its decision to stop pushing Hachette books.  The word that comes to mind with this stance is arrogance.  Amazon is so convinced of its position that it doesn't feel it has to make a public case for it.  If so, the company could not be more wrong.  


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