Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Doing Well By Doing Good 

Anheuser-Busch is replacing its diesel trucks at its Houston brewery with compressed natural gas rigs. The brewery says it wants to be "green".  That may be true but left unsaid is that the price of diesel is higher than that of natural gas.  In other words, A-B is doing well by doing good.  There is not only nothing wrong with this, but in the best situations, this should prove true.  The better, faster, cheaper way should also be less expensive in both the short and long run in order to gain the support of business.  Good PR does not have to be costly.  It should not be an add-on that a company should do out of good citizenship, but a line item that contributes to the bottom line even when it seems far afield from what a company does.  Too often, PR activities are "stick-on" actions without reference to the company's main business.  But, PR is what a company does, not what it says.  It is how a company acts and not how it spins.  So, bravo to A-B for doing the calculations and even though the tonnage of carbon dioxide diminution is modest, it is something to note.  


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