Thursday, September 25, 2014


A general has banished a reporter publicly because he doesn't like what she writes.  The newspaper involved is standing by its journalist who will continue to cover the division the general leads.  Not only that, but a higher level military public affairs person has vouched for the reporter in opposition to the general and is seeking to overturn the general's action.  The general doesn't realize the power of the media and is clearly out of his depth when dealing with them.  Somewhere in his training he should have received basic instructions in how to work with reporters.  If so, he forgot them.  His anti-journalist stance is dumb and won't stop the journalist.  It might make her more critical of the division's actions because of the general's boycott.  She won't get insight she needs to understand the unit's operations.  If the general was miffed, he should have taken it up directly with the reporter in an off-the-record session, cleared the air and started over.  My guess is that he will be forced to do that anyway.


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