Monday, September 22, 2014

Fried Motherboard 

Those who reach this blog through the web page, online-pr.com, were legitimately confused during the last week.  The date did not change from Sept. 12. That was because I was dealing with a fricasseed motherboard on my home computer from which I reach my web site.  A dead machine is never pretty, and this one died slowly enough that it confused me for days.  First, the USB ports started sputtering -- not working some of the time then springing to life at others.  Then they stopped altogether but for one and I was in the position of using the keyboard without the mouse or the mouse without the keyboard.  Still thinking it was a software problem, I had a tech come by and look at it.  His diagnosis -- hardware failure.  Thinking it might be solved remotely, I called the maker of the machine, Dell. No luck there either.  So, hundreds of dollars later, I've got a new motherboard in the machine, and shortly, a new video card.  It might have been cheaper to get a new desktop, but for gigabytes of data on the hard drive --most of which had been backed up, but not all.  This is the first machine that has died on me in decades of computing.  With luck, it will be the last.


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