Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Attack, Attack 

There appears to be no limit to the attack ads politicians aim at one another.  Consider this one.  A disabled candidate confined to a wheel chair is no safer than anyone else in eyes of the opponent. But, the public is another matter.  If voters conclude a politician has gone too far, they will vote against rather than for the attacker.  From a PR perspective, attack ads are tricky and not that helpful.  One wants to build a relationship with a candidate and not be regaled with the failings of the other side.  Citizens want to know what a candidate stands for rather than not-the-opponent.  People want to like a politician rather than tolerate his or her bomb throwing.  But politicos continue to use attack ads because they believe they work, and maybe they do to a degree.  But, don't be surprised if the public stops listening out of disgust.


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