Friday, October 24, 2014

Great PR 

Mark Zuckerberg understands great PR and he was caught engaging in it during his visit to China.  He spoke to college students there in Chinese.  It was, according to Chinese speakers, a halting performance with incorrect tonals and a heavy accent, but the students loved it, and his effort immediately went viral around the globe.  Zuckerberg later explained that his study of Mandarin was influenced by his wife who is Chinese, but no matter.  Here was the CEO of a huge company in the US who was struggling to make himself understood in a difficult language and succeeding.  Give him credit for great PR and for the courage to try.  He has set a high standard for the rest of CEOs in their efforts to carry their messages around the world.  English is the global language for now, but there is a strong chance that Chinese will be in coming decades.  At least one CEO is ready.


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