Friday, October 10, 2014

Perils Of Email 

This article discusses the difficulty of expressing emotion in emails.  Readers who don't know one well inevitably misunderstand what one is trying to say.  The solution is to avoid emotion and to write as rationally and objectively as possible.  The objection to this approach is that it fails to deliver the feeling one has about an issue.  While that is true, one can express feeling in other ways by listing reasons why one thinks the way one does.  It is a fact-based approach. This is the lesson I teach business school students who find it hard.  They like nearly everyone else are used to dashing off emails and replies with nary a thought about how they will be read on the recipient's end.  One should think carefully even about the shortest e-mail to make sure the audience will understand it correctly.  It is a habit PR practitioners also should develop.  Email is the foundation medium of business today.  Treat it well and save yourself trouble.


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