Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Show Trial 

Congressional hearings are naught but show trials.  For example, this one.  Everyone can understand the mistakes the Secret Service made in allowing an intruder to the White House.  So, Congressional leaders dusted off their best insults and quotable lines and flung them at the director of the agency all the while hoping they would get TV camera time.  The Secret Service director didn't handle it well.  She said among other things that it will never happen again.  Little does she know whether it will or won't.  There is always a chance that an event like this could happen again -- and probably will.  The question is whether the Secret Service will be on its toes or caught napping.  The Service has taken a number of reputational blows in recent months.  It needs better PR, but that, of course, starts with apprehending intruders at the White House.


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