Friday, October 17, 2014

The Peril Of A Poor Reputation 

Comcast, the cable TV company, is learning the fallout of a poor reputation.  The city council of Worcester, MA not only said no, but "Hell no!" to Comcast's petition to serve the town of 180,000.  This isn't going to hurt Comcast's bottom line, but it must sting to have verbal brickbats thrown at company representatives.  Were I an employee of Comcast, I would urge management to mollify the Council and to implement good service to the town. Having been a Comcast subscriber for a number of years, I didn't have much to complain about, but my family did.  Outages were frequent and cut into my wife's business and my daughter's study time. Comcast's system was unstable, even with upgrades.  Today we use Verizon and have no complaints.  Verizon has its own issues, but not when it comes to internet delivery.  This is a reminder that reputation is paramount.  Reputation is hard to win and easy to lose, and one can never rest in providing good service.


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