Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Despite efforts to protect free speech in a democracy, there are those who believe they can control it.  Consider this fellow.   He believes that by digging dirt on journalists he can control what they write.  His arrogance is astounding but understandable.  He comes out of a business environment where control is everything, and he believes he can direct the media to report as he wishes.  Those who don't he will seek to destroy.  That is the mind of a dictator.  There is no place for such arrogance in a free-speech society, and the criticism that cascaded on him was warranted.  He should lose his job as well, but he won't.  It is a measure of the company for which he works that he can survive and continue in it.  At least he should be muzzled and kept away from the media.  There is no need to hear this dog barking.  And, if that affects his free speech rights, so be it. In a company, one doesn't get to say what he thinks without retribution.  One voluntarily restricts speech to continue to work.


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