Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Mind Of A Terrorist 

It is instructive to put oneself in the mind of a terrorist who decapitates victims and boasts about it. He is engaged in an act of negatived publicity, of inculcating fear in the minds of many.  By ignoring the conventions of war and of democratic countries, the terrorist pursues victory in any way he can, no matter how brutal.  The response of the US to the beheading was right.  The US won't be intimidated and will double-down in its efforts to wipe terrorists from the earth.  The terrorists have a distorted vision of power.  They know what they know and nothing will come in their way of pursuing power to effect their vision of what a Muslim state should be.  For that, they are more dangerous than other opponents of a democratic way of life.  They also infect the vision of the West against peaceful Muslims and create unwarranted suspicions, a burden the religious group must carry for the time being.  There is a lesson here.  One unbound by moral and civil conventions descends below the level of beasts.


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